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Atikulated by Victor Ehikamenor

If you’re having campaign problems I feel bad for you son
I got 99 problems but a Buhari ain’t one
I got PDP on gift patrol
Foes that want to make sure my political casket’s closed
Political critics that say he’s “Money Cash Corrupt”
I’m from Adamawa, stupid what type of talks are those?
If you grew up with holes in ‘ur pockets and plates
You’d celebrate the minute you was having handouts in Nigeria Customs
I’m like “Forget critics” you can kiss my yansh
If you don’t like my campaign slogans, you can press fast forward.
Got beef with EFCC if I don’t answer their cases
They don’t know how this game is played, I hammer and I don’t give a crap, so
Newspapers and NTA can try and carry corruption news
So advertisers can give ’em more naira for ads, phukers
I don’t know what you take me as
Or understand the intelligence that I have
I’m from rags to riches, I ain’t dumb

99 problems but a Buhari ain’t one
I got 99 problems but a Buhari ain’t one, hit me
Since 1999 and my Prado is raw
In my rear view mirror is Obasanjo
I got two choices, pull over the car and beg my oga,
Bounce on the noisemaker, put the pedal to the floor
Now I ain’t trying to see no highway chase with OBJ
Plus I got plenty dollars I could settle the case
So I, pull over to the side of the road
I heard “AA do you know why we are trying to stop you from running?”
Cause I’m rich and I’m a businessman and my companies plenty
Or do I look like I care? I don’t know
Am I wanted in America or should I guess some mo?
“Well you are a big threat to our chopping for another four and four”, uh huh
“Egunje and clearance and step out of the car
“Are you carrying dollars and pounds on you, we know you are rich”
I ain’t stepping out of this car abeg, I am not corrupt!
“Well do you mind if we look around the car and your boot?”
Well my pigeon hole is locked, so is the boot and the bank accounts
And I know my rights so you goin’ need a presidential warrant for that
“Aren’t you afraid of us anymore? You some type of lawyer or something?
“Somebody important or something?”
Boys, I have been in Aso Rock and I know a bit about govt shakedowns!
I got 99 problems but a Buhari ain’t one, hit me!

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